Original For MSI GT70 MS-17621 independent laptop Motherboard


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NEW MSI GT70 MS-17621 Series Motherboard INTEL Independent

Type: MSI Laptop Mainboard
Condition: NEW
Warranty: 90 days
Part numbers:MS-17621
Fit model:
MSI GT70 MS-17621 Series
GT70 0NC-002US GT70 0NC-008US GT70 0NC-011US GT70 0NC-012US
GT70 0NC-013US GT70-0NC-015UK GT70-0NC-016UK GT70 0NC-017NL
GT70 0NC-029NE GT70 0NC-051US GT70 0ND-202US GT70 0ND-204US
GT70 0NC-002US GT70 0ND-219US GT70 0NE-255FR GT70 0NE-270NE
GT70 0NE-276US GT70-0NC-048FR GT70 0ND-444US GT70 0ND-445US
GT70 0NE-446US GT70 0ND-492US GT70 0NE-452US GT70 0NE-446US
GT70 0NC-494US GT70-0ND-603UK GT70 0NE-609US GT70 ONE-611NE
GT70 0ND-612AU GT70 0ND-621AU GT70 0ND-622AU GT70-i789BLW7H
GT70 0ND-410XPL
Note : Please ensure you are purchasing the correct part number.
We have several type motherboards for this laptop sereis.
Incorrect orders will incur a non-negotiable 20% re-stocking fee.

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